Thursday, August 27, 2015

texas trip 7.10.15

So mid july we took a couple trips back to back. we visited Texas(kris had a couple job offers there so we wanted to check out the area also visit his cousins}
it was my first time going to texas, and i loved the green everywhere but hated how flat it is and also the humidity. the people there are super nice also! Anyways so when kris booked the flights he ended up booking one that departed at 1am, at first im like "really" but then i realized that ryder should sleep through it all. key word:should-he was awake THE ENTIRE TIME! not to mention he is technically a lap child so wrangling him the whole time=i was stressing.luckily no one sat beside me and he did amazing. he was awake, but happy. haha
one of our favorite parts of Texas was visiting this wildlife park. Kris's cousins bought a bag of pellets to take in and feed the animals and the deer would come right up to us! it was so crazy! DEER! we loved it, and ryder especially LOVED it. he wasn't afraid at all of them and actually tried to kiss a couple.



the next day we decided to make the trip to go see this gorgeous place called the Hamilton pool/reserve. it is flippin gorgeous. so we start our walk down and i dont think we were thinking at the time about the 1/4-1/2 mile walk back up cause we were just too excited to get down to see it. anyways lets just say me and kris dont do humidity very well. we almost died walking back up, and poor kris carried ryder down AND up. you wanna see a struggle, watch this preggo out of shape lady walk straight up hill for 1/2 mile....haha it was pathetic. 

26 weeks pregnant

so our last day there we ended it at fort worth texas and we decided to see the longhorn cattle drive that takes place there. ryder could not get enough of the horses and cows everywhere in texas.

our flight home wasnt as late, it was at 9pm. this time ryder did fall asleep on the plane but he started to do the "i cant get comfortable laying on mom or dad so im just going to fuss/cry cause i cant move" type of thing. haha to say i was happy to be home was an understatement so he can actually sleep through the night in his own crib! haha it was a fun eventful trip though!

Friday, June 26, 2015

family camping trip{june 18th}/fathers day

So no surprise here but we did another camping trip this time with my family. My parents came, My sister Sheena and her family, and my brother Cody and his family, and then my sister and her son. we went to the same place as we did last time, Big Lake which is about 4 hours north of the valley. 
here is the crew!

 His sweet cousins went and had him pick flowers for me!
 he loves his rides from daddy!

 fishing for Crawdads!
 some of the cousins!

 i had many second mamas up there to help me with ryder haha
We of course spent fathers day up camping.
let me just get a little mushy on ya for a sec. I defiantly thought i was topped out of love for this guy when i married him but then we had a child together and i got to see him be a daddy! wow. it has been our favorite thing, raising a family together. he does so much to support our family and i'm so happy he is ours forever. such a hard worker, compassionate, always willing to help me out with ryder. i love their love. their bond is so tight and i cant wait to see it grow with our little girl this october. 
we love you daddy.
happy fathers day to the best daddy!